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Founder, Anisa Palmer, talks about I Will Survive, Inc.

Episode 2 of the 7 Docu-Series on The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

Our organization is a domestic non profit organization serving the metropolitan area of Georgia and founded in December of 2010. Our mission is to provide prevention education, economic support, and health & wellness services to those at higher risk and those affected by breast cancer.. We are tireless in our efforts to serve people of all race, color, gender, sex, creed, disability, and religion. We do not discriminate. We merely support our fellow citizens and serve as a guiding light. Wherever there is need or injustice, I Will Survive, Inc. will offer its resources regardless of economic status or affiliation.

Why We Started:
Anisa Palmer, Founder and Executive Director of I Will Survive, lost her mother to breast cancer and started this organization with the full intent to help spread the awareness of breast cancer through education and provide funding to lower income communities. Our 501(c) (3) status has been approved by the IRS as of Sept 2011.

Founder Anisa Palmer says, “I first wanted mammograms yearly and agreed with my health care professionals because my mom died at a young age. Being under the age of 40, I already had two mammograms and I felt like that was a lot of radiation. After I had my second mammogram in 2012 and being cancer free, I decided to stop for the exposure.” As a team, it is important to spread the word and increase the community’s education on breast cancer. Anisa believes that a long term exposure of radiation is not good for the body. After getting the BRCA (breast cancer) gene test done, Anisa does not carry the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene that increases the risk for breast cancer and decided to focus on thermography breast exams that are radiation free and painless. They can also detect a tumor better.

It is important to get screened for breast cancer regularly, control your weight and exercise regularly, know your family history of breast cancer, quit smoking, limit the amount of alcohol you drink, and talk to your doctor about the risks of hormone replacement therapy. We believe, you will survive! There are many ways to lower your risks but you have to believe as well and start today. Focus on proactive prevention!


We need your support to help us fund programs that help pre-cancer survivors, breast cancer survivors, and post-breast cancer survivors.

Pre-breast cancer survivor: The everyday person who might be concerned about their health and decides to go and get screened. After getting screened, they get diagnosed with breast cancer and need financial assistance for medical costs, organic food, health care products, living costs, and travel costs.

Breast cancer survivor: The thousands of breast cancer survivors in the state of Georgia have survived breast cancer according to completing treatments and no longer having a malignant tumor. They however, still need education on preventing the tumor from returning and emotion healing. They also need financial assistance to still eat organic foods, cover medical costs, health care products, and travel costs.

Post breast cancer survivor: According to health care professionals, once you pass a certain amount of years after removal of malignant tumors- you are considered a breast cancer survivor. After three years you still need educational training to provide for your self and your family, ongoing support, and possible financial assistance to keep an emotional stability. After five years you still need those services. Too often, breast cancer survivors get affected by a tumor returning in the breast or end up getting a new cancer (ovarian cancer is the most common connection and they are both hormonal cancers).

Our programs are Economic Support, Prevention Education, and Health and Wellness Services. All three categories above can be accepted into one or all these three programs on a case by case basis through an application process.

Join our page on Facebook to input in our discussion groups, share healthy recipes, share work out plans, stories about breast cancer, the latest news on the “cure” for breast cancer and proactive prevention information. We also have prize give aways and make the educational experience fun.

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