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Karen Palmer holds one of her daughters in the picture below.  Although Anisa, at her young age, does not understand  why she cries when anyone else would hold her, she knew she wanted to share every moment in her mothers ‘ arms. 

Karen Palmer died shortly after being diagnosed with metastatic  stage IV breast cancer. It was a final lung failure that took her last breath. The term metastatic is defined as a secondary cancer or a cancer that has spread from one place to another. In this case, the malignant tumor had spread to the lungs. Karen Palmer was also adopted at a very young age and the records are hard to resurface about her birth parents complete background and health records.  MomnMe

The health care system has improved in the Virgin Islands since the 80’s but many health care facilities still suffer. Although more individuals know or have heard about breast cancer, still many individuals suffer from the lack of knowledge about preventative measures to reduce risks for breast cancer. Karen Palmer worked out  and ate healthy but dealt with abuse from a previous marriage. She also had  adopted parents that  both died of lung cancer due to smoking. 

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“I was able to attend a wonderful breast cancer retreat with Confetti Celebrations in 2011 with the I Will Survive, Inc. referral.” – Breast Cancer Survivor Patrice

“I never shared my story about my mom dying from breast cancer over 20 years ago, but with the help of I Will Survive, Inc. and Anisa Palmer, I shared it at their Health and Wellness Seminar in August 2011 and it felt so good to finally talk about it.” -Willie

“During the I Will Survive Walk/Run through Grant Park in October 2011, I was so blessed to be walking and I enjoyed the fact that they partnered with the local farmers market to educate us all on healthy organic eating.” -A Brain Injury Survivor

“I truly enjoyed the I Will Survive, Inc. Fashion Show Fundraiser at Melia Hotel in March 2012. I also won the Breast Cancer Mural in the silent auction from an anonymous bidder, that was so thoughtful. Thank you!” -Breast Cancer Survivor Phyllis

“I was able to get screened with the financial assistance of I Wil Survive, Inc. Thank you.” – Anonymous Woman Free of Breast Cancer

“I am so grateful for the information I Will Survive, Inc. puts out through their blogs, newsletters, and Facebook. I learn so much about breast cancer and prevention!” – Loyal Facebook Reader

“I was able to get screened and found out I had breast cancer with the financial assistance from I Will Survive, Inc. They are still by my side in this journey to Survive and I am so thankful for them and my support system!” -(Diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2012) Ms. Murphy

“I would like to thank I Will Survive for all that they have done. My mother Helen Holmes is a breast cancer survivor. Thanks to organizations like I Will Survive because they truly stand by what they say they will do.” – Survivor Daughter (2015)

I am so appreciative of everything you all have done, words cannot describe how thankful I am.” – Ms. Brown (2015)

“My heart is filled with so much gratitude. I am speechless and humbled by your thoughtfulness and generosity. May the Lord supply your every need. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” -Homeless Stage III breast cancer survivor (2015)

“As an 8 year breast cancer survivor myself, I applaud and support this movement!!” (2016)

“I got to finally meet Ms. Palmer and her beautiful staff on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 and everything that I heard about them is true. My needs were meet with warm and gracious smiles, I could not wait to get home and tell my husband about all these great people. I still pinch myself when I meet people like Ms. Palmer because I did not know there were people like this in the World in all my 69 years of living. Thank You, Ms. Palmer.” – Jane Jones & family (2017)

“My heart was melted by the hugs given by the staff.  There was so much love shown to me and my other pink sisters that came with me today.  We were invited to get food for our families.  For me it was like Christmas.  It made my burden a little lighter. I’d like to thank the staff and all of other people who have supported and donated to I will survive.  Thank you, Crystal …I will survive!  Wahoo” (2017)


“Hello and thank you to Ms. Palmer and her team at ‘I Will Survive” program, I had the best experience and am grateful for the services you all provide. It has made a major impact to me and my family’s life and if you ever need volunteers for anything I may be able to do, please keep me in mind. Thank you so much…” – Cindy (2017)



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