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Breast Cancer Survivor’s Stories

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Thriving and Surviving with Rhonda Williams (Breast Cancer Survivor)

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Healing Strong (cancer resource group in several regions in Georgia)

“My Breast Years Ahead” Facebook Support Group with Tiah Tomlin (Breast Cancer Survivor)


Wylma’s Story

Single mother of four, diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Lost job after work absences related to chemo treatments. Evicted after losing her job, ending up homeless with her children, fighting for her life.
I Will Survive, Inc. has been paying for temporary housing while helping Wylma get to treatment and find another place to live. Vital support came from community partner I Care Atlanta and Vince Hungate’s ministry work.
Great news! She has finished all her treatments and won an all-inclusive trip for her and her children to the beach for a week. She is also no longer homeless and began a new job where she can work from home. We recently raised over $1000 to help her move into her new place and get the lights on just two weeks ago. She now needs your support as she continues with her therapist and getting things in her new place. She will need Marta cards for her children to get to and from school, as they do not have a vehicle. She also needs an arm sleeve, which her insurance does not cover, due to lymphedema, a side affect of treatments.

Danielle’s Story

Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in October 2015. She was undergoing treatments 2-3 times per week. Recently underwent a double mastectomy. Unemployed and seeking help with paying her monthly rent while she focuses on healing. She recently had a successful surgery, she shared with Founder and Executive Director, Anisa Palmer, during her a home visit and care package delivery.

Roxanne’s Story:

Diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in March 2015. Has undergone chemotherapy and had her last reconstructive surgery in April of 2016. Roxanne was laid off and hasn’t been able to return to work due to her physical restrictions. She attends physical therapy twice a week and is working towards healing. Roxanne is seeking help with paying her rent and she also needs food, utility, and transportation assistance (she doesn’t have a car) while she focuses on healing. Roxanne is a certified life coach who loves to help others – she is actively seeking life coaching and part-time work opportunities.

Florrie’s Story

Our oldest survivor and youngest at heart – Florrie is full of life and hope. Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in Feb 2013. She has completed her treatment and is focused on continued health and healing. Florrie hasn’t been able to travel for many years, but recently applied to participate in Little Pink Houses of Hope’s Survivor Retreat in Florida. She is currently in need of partial housing assistance and help with gas/transportation costs for follow-up doctor appointments. She was so happy to attend the Braves Game last year, as it was her first.

Patrice’s Story

Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2011. She is currently in need of financial assistance for major dental work post chemotherapy treatments and survived lymphedema and neuropathy, also after affects of chemotherapy. She is here today full of life and hope as a poet and single mother after recently being diagnosed with Severe Osteoporosis.

Donate NOW to support these survivors and others in our programs. Survivor networks are held once a month with the Health Education Workshop Series. Workshops are FREE and open to the public. Caregivers are encouraged to come as well. Browse our website for more information on how to get involved, or call 404- 483- 8503 to speak to one of our volunteer coordinators.