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Karen Palmer holds one of her daughters in the picture below.  Although Anisa, at her young age, does not understand  why she cries when anyone else would hold her, she knew she wanted to share every moment in her mothers ' arms. 

Karen Palmer died shortly after being diagnosed with metastatic  stage IV breast cancer. It was a final lung failure that took her last breath. The term metastatic is defined as a secondary cancer or a cancer that has spread from one place to another. In this case, the malignant tumor had spread to the lungs. Karen Palmer was also adopted at a very young age and the records are hard to resurface about her birth parents complete background and health records.  MomnMe

The health care system has improved in the Virgin Islands since the 80's but many health care facilities still suffer. Although more individuals know or have heard about breast cancer, still many individuals suffer from the lack of knowledge about preventative measures to reduce risks for breast cancer. Karen Palmer worked out  and ate healthy but dealt with abuse from a previous marriage. She also had  adopted parents that  both died of lung cancer due to smoking. 

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12 Comments on “Testimonials

  1. I would like to thank I Will Survive for all that they have done. My mother Helen Holmes is a breast cancer survivor. Thanks to organizations like I Will Survive because they truly stand by what they say they will do.

  2. Hello I Will Survive! I love you name, and your mission. I hope to be one of the recipients of your survivorship and financial assistance. It always warms my heart when I see people helping us going through this extremely taxing time. God bless.

  3. The above is very informative; I was using the internet to discover more beneficial recipes for both but found at this site additional information that is very helpful. Thank you

  4. I support everything this organization represents and then some. I plan to become an advocate for what they do

  5. Ms. Palmer and her awesome staff is compassionate, caring, loving and supportive of all cancer patients and survivors, and is willing to help anyone in need.

    I too am a breast cancer survivor (March 2017, will be my one year ) cancerversary and I like many of my pink/blue/white sisters are still facing the fall-out from the overwhelming experience of cancer diagnosis, treatment and now life afterwards.

    In addition, we are still struggling with co-pays, healthy eating, emotional support, job loss, as well as personal and family issues.

    However, the “I Will Survive” family has been so gracious in helping all of us from financial assistance to one of our bigger concerns, supplementing our food budget for healthy eating.

    This is an amazing organization, five star rating that is committed to the fight to help patients and survivors stay healthy and survive our personal journey’s.

    Thank you, Ms. Palmer and staff for going above and beyond.


    Deborah Ann Jenkins

  6. Thanks for your hard work! Just made a donation in honor of Anisa’s mother and Muriel Cambpell. Living through our hearts

  7. I volunteer at I Will Survive and I would not have it any other way.
    What a blessing to be able to share the experience with our clients and to generate some heart felt love and support. Thanks Ms. Palmer for the renewal of my life experiences as we take on this journey together.
    “My books to me are like water; those of great geniuses are like wine…..everybody drinks water.”

  8. Let us come together in October Sisters and hold up the banner of love and support for each other; knowing that true strength comes from who we are, what we want, and knowing when to say, NO!

  9. I recently relocated to Atlanta, and wanted to offer volunteer services, while seeking a new full time position. Having a background in healthcare, it was important to me to volunteer for an organization that is truly dedicated to being compassionate, supportive, and healing. I came across ‘I Will Survive, Inc’ during my search and immediately resonated with the healing endeavors and message of ‘I Will Survive’. In my own way, I was on a personal path of renewal and healing. When you walk into the space of I Will Survive, Inc, you immediately can feel the warm, healing energy, you know that you are welcomed in a true safe haven of compassion. Such a wonderful place with wonderful caring people. Miss Anisa Palmer, the Founder of I Will Survive, Inc. is a true beacon of compassion, strength, wisdom, warmth, and guidance. All of the staff of volunteers were also wonderfully warm and compassionate, each bringing a special sense of care and giving. I was inspired in meeting each Survivor, witnessing their vulnerability and beautiful strength. I have had wonderful, endearing moments sharing with them warm words and hugs, soft laughter, and bright smiles of compassion. I will always treasure my experience at I Will Survive, Inc, and support this organization for it’s wonderful, compassionate, healing, good works.

  10. Keep Christmas with you all through the year; just when you think it’s over….spread some Christmas Cheer. Give a hug, wave hello, say thank you, and well done.
    Thinking of you in this season, and from my heart to yours Merry Merry Christmas, Feliz’ Navidad, Happy Hannukah,Happy Quanza and to all a good night.
    Remember the gift of love is the greatest gift of all.

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