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Testimonial Category: story

Patrice’s Story

Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2011. She is currently in need of financial assistance for major dental work post chemotherapy treatments and survived lymphedema and neuropathy, also after affects of chemotherapy. She is here today full… Read More

Florrie’s Story

Our oldest survivor and youngest at heart – Florrie is full of life and hope. Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in Feb 2013. She has completed her treatment and is focused on continued health and healing. Florrie… Read More

Roxanne’s Story:

Diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in March 2015. Has undergone chemotherapy and had her last reconstructive surgery in April of 2016. Roxanne was laid off and hasn’t been able to return to work due to her physical… Read More

Danielle’s Story

Diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in October 2015. She was undergoing treatments 2-3 times per week. Recently underwent a double mastectomy. Unemployed and seeking help with paying her monthly rent while she focuses on healing. She recently… Read More

Wylma’s Story

Single mother of four, diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Lost job after work absences related to chemo treatments. Evicted after losing her job, ending up homeless with her children, fighting for her life. I Will Survive, Inc…. Read More