Great Nonprofit Rated Breast Cancer Charities in Georgia?

There are many non-profit charities that are working for community awareness and to provide the best services to the patients suffering from breast cancer. Some of them are:

Floyd Healthcare Management, Inc.

This organization is comprised of 300 beds and provides many facilities including a cancer care unit, cardiovascular laboratory, coronary care unit, chemical dependency unit, crisis intervention, and much more.

St. Mary’s Foundation, Inc.

This organization is aimed at providing health facilities to people in need. It was founded in 2001 and has partnerships with many other organizations to raise funds and awareness to the people.

Tanner Medical Foundation, Inc.

This organization aims at providing quality healthcare services for all the citizens of the state. This foundation provides charitable healthcare services and quality medical care to the public.  There are different centers present in this organization including like the tanner breast health cancer center, the tanner heart and vascular center, the tanner occupational health and more.

I Will Survive, Inc.

This top-rated non-profit charity provides prevention education, economic support, and health & wellness services to those at higher risk and affected by breast cancer.

IWS brought in $2,034,780 in revenue to help in supporting people in the most need from 2010 -2019. Volunteers have given 25,000+ hours to this cause. Human services are predominately focused in the Metro Atlanta Region of Georgia. Applications come in from all over the nation and virtual services are provided globally.

Many people have written reviews about their experience with IWS on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and GreatNonprofits. One person wrote that ‘this is a true organization that helps the cancer patient in an effective manner’. A survivor has written that, “IWS has been my motivation and my will to live in course of treatment. They not only assisted me with food and funds but also become part of my life, they gave me hope to live and I will be always with IWS.”