Non-profit Cancer Support Philanthropy and Plant-based Juice Company Join Forces to Provide Resources and Aid to Cancer Survivors and Families

Atlanta, Ga. – Two Atlanta-based organizations forged a new partnership to provide support in the fight against breast cancer to patients and their families. A cancer diagnosis impacts nearly everything about the life of a cancer patient as well as the lives of his or her family members. From diet, to finances, to mental health, a parent’s long-term illness affects all aspects of daily life for the patient and family. After losing her own mother to breast cancer, Anisa Palmer established I Will Survive, Inc. in 2010 to help families survive the strain and stress caused by a parent’s breast cancer diagnosis. Palmer’s non-profit organization provides vital resources including financial aid, meals, transportation, care packages, and any products or services that can help maintain or improve the quality of life for the family of a breast cancer patient.

After connecting over social media and their shared first name, and later coordinating efforts for a charity event, Anisa Mahdi, founder of Plump Pressed Juice Co., plant-based juices and smoothies, felt inspired by the mission of I Will Survive, Inc., and wanted to help. Mahdi then formulated a special blend of nutritious Beet Lemonade to donate 100% of all proceeds from this flavor to I Will Survive, Inc. to support local families and help them “beet” cancer, survive, and thrive while battling the chronic illness. “Typically a company may volunteer to help by donating a portion of proceeds to our organization, so I was overwhelmed with gratitude when Anisa [Mahdi] offered to donate 100% of the proceeds from one of her new juices to I Will Survive,” states Palmer.

“I crave Plump Pressed Juice frequently,” says Palmer, executive director of I Will Survive, Inc. “The flavors are all so good, it’s hard to have a favorite,” she adds, but beet lemonade may be a new top choice. “Beets have a pretty strong taste typically, but the way [Mahdi] blends the lemon and other natural ingredients is perfect,” Palmer explains. Mahdi founded Plump Pressed Juice in 2020 after struggling to find available healthy snack options. “As a ‘snacker’ I found there weren’t enough healthy alternatives in the market with raw, full, and rich ingredients that I could enjoy,” Mahdi explains, so she created her own variety of fresh, healthy and natural alternatives, which became Plump Pressed Juice Co. “I am so excited about our partnership with I Will Survive Inc,” Mahdi adds. “My goal is to ensure that the women [and men] of I Will Survive, Inc will continue to get the financial, health and wellness support they need.”

Palmer and Mahdi look forward to the future and are excited to see how their partnership will continue to help support cancer patients and their families. They hope to connect with more people in the community, as restrictions are lifted post-pandemic. Both organizations had to pivot some operations and functions to adjust during lockdowns and distancing mandates. However, the two entrepreneurs and their organizations are emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever. “When life gives you lemons, grab some Beet Lemonade if you can, and help at least one
person beat cancer while enjoying a healthy and delicious treat,” Palmer concludes.

About I Will Survive, Inc.:
I Will Survive, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 founded in 2010 by Anisa Palmer, author and combat veteran, who currently serves as executive director of the organization. Based in Atlanta, GA, I Will Survive Inc. provides vital resources and financial aid to breast cancer survivors and their families to prevent eviction, keep family members healthy, and maintain or improve quality of life and standard of living overall. Additionally, IWS provides community outreach and health education. For more information, to donate, or volunteer, please visit

About Plump Pressed Juice:
Plump Pressed Juice company, founded in 2020 by Anisa Mahdi, provides flavorful plant-based, natural fruit juices and smoothies available online for delivery to Georgia and other states. For more information please visit

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I Will Survive Inc

Local nonprofit ‘I Will Survive’ provides financial support, prevention education, and health services to those at higher risk and affected by breast cancer.

Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks partnered with I Will Survive Inc

Atlanta charity survives pandemic, helps women and their families survive breast cancer

Once Anisa Warren lost her mother to breast cancer, life was never the same for the grief-stricken 5-year-old. “Birthdays were not even fun anymore, and I had to learn how to grow up without a mother,” Warren states. With a 12% breast cancer rate in the U.S. and a 1 in 8 chance of women developing breast cancer (and 1 in 883 for men), Warren was not alone. Even if she didn’t realize it then, her grief as a child impacted by a parent’s breast cancer diagnosis was, unfortunately, a shared experience that many children endure.

Anisa Warren, executive director of I Will Survive, Inc.

Credit: Contributed

Years later, Warren was 21 and serving her second tour in Iraq with the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, when she says her mother appeared to her in a vivid mirage, sending a clear message to her in the desert. At that moment, “I knew I was going to exit the military and serve in another way,” Warren says today. Upon her return to the States, I Will Survive, Inc. was born “to help families fight breast cancer so they didn’t have to fight alone. I didn’t want any more children to grow up without their mother due to this horrible disease.”

Warren witnessed first-hand the effect that a parent’s illness has on an entire family. “Our greatest impact is not just helping the families survive in this fight, but to win the small battles in between,” explains Warren, who now serves as executive director of I Will Survive, Inc. Her team helps keep families off the streets and prevent evictions while maintaining a nutritional food supply in the home. Additionally, when a single parent is ill, cancer takes an exorbitant toll on the children, especially if the parent is laid off in the wake of the illness. Therefore, I Will Survive, Inc. helps families maintain their quality of life, such as keeping their lights on, maintaining power and utilities for the family when finances are impacted.

Over the past decade, I Will Survive, Inc. has raised over $2 million in revenue to support its programs and has donated nearly a quarter-million dollars’ worth of food to families impacted by breast cancer, according to their website. Additionally, the organization has provided more than $760,000 in rental assistance, utility bills, and transportation assistance, and maintains a 100% success rate of preventing families from being evicted from their homes.

The Pandemic Pivot

Like many nonprofit organizations, the global pandemic brought major change for 2020. The organization survived by finding new ways to continue serving the community while maintaining safe protocols and operating procedures. They closed their facility in May of 2020 to make the transition to a virtual mode of operation. “We didn’t know if we would make it to the end of the year,” Warren says. “We saw a heavy decline in donations, grant funding, and sponsors from small businesses.”

While everyone was suffering during the pandemic, Warren remained focused on the disadvantaged families struggling to make ends meet, especially with the added stress and strain of virtual online schooling and maintaining internet access for families with school-age children. “How will [these families] keep a roof over their heads?” she wondered, as the pandemic gridlocked the nation with lockdowns and paralyzed the economy with uncertainty. “Thank God for a hold on evictions and disconnections on utilities,” which saved many families from being displaced during 2020, Warren says.

One of the ancillary services I Will Survive, Inc. provides is transportation and accompaniment to physician appointments. However, the pandemic ended that service due to social distancing and postponement of most medical visits, other than COVID patients. The organization pivoted yet again and started providing PPE to families in need, to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. “We mailed and delivered care packages with contactless door deliveries. We held virtual workshops and hosted virtual internships for students from University of Georgia, Emory University, Morehouse School of Medicine, and Kennesaw State University,” Warren states.

Once courts opened back up, eviction rates skyrocketed again, as did utility disconnections. “We were flooded with applications from families fighting breast cancer. We could not shut down – they needed our help!” Warren and her team immediately sprang into action to raise more funds to help maintain their 100% success rate on preventing evictions.

Despite the challenges, I Will Survive Inc. lives up to its name and continues to survive and thrive. Warren has big goals and ideas for the future of the organization, including growing the footprint, expanding their reach, and increasing revenue by at least 20% to help fund a new virtual Home Ownership Sustainability program, designed to “reduce the generational and situational poverty cycle in disadvantaged communities.”

Another significant goal is to decrease breast cancer deaths by 10% in Fulton and Dekalb counties, as well as maintain a 100% turnout rate for voting in local and national elections among the families they serve. Warren also plans to hire five new staff members over the next two years. “Our greatest needs are funding, human resources, and skill-based volunteers,” Warren states.

Without her supporters, donors, and sponsors throughout metro Atlanta, I Will Survive, Inc. may not have survived the pandemic. Warren expressed heartfelt gratitude for the nonprofit’s partners and local small businesses which have enabled them to serve the community over the past decade. These include The Gathering Spot, Regal Nissan, Ford, Entercom, Cool Dads Rock, Cycle Bar of Buckhead, Jack and Jill Foundation (Stone Mountain chapter), and Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, who adopted families this year.

“Thank you, Atlanta, for helping us make it to ten years; we hope you will support us through these next ten years, and please let this be a reminder to not only do your monthly self-breast exams, annual clinical exams, and mammograms… but please remind someone you love, as well!” Warren concludes.

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In the Guest Chair: 

Dana Barrett & Anisa Palmer

Dana Barrett & Anisa Palmer

Anisa Palmer, Executive Director of I Will Survive, Inc. joined us in studio during hour one. Anisa told the story of losing her mother to breast cancer at a young age. During her second deployment in Iraq, Anisa saw a mirage of her mother, and thus began her journey to starting I Will Survive Inc. Founded in 2010 in Atlanta, IWS serves primarily the disadvantaged communities to provide economic support, prevention education, and health and wellness services free of charge. On April 6, IWS is hosting a Night of Fashion Charity Event at Callanwolde! If you’d like to attend, you can purchase tickets by clicking HERE.

During hour two, Jami Buck-Vance, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Community Partnerships for Cox Enterprises joined us in studio. Jami dished on the importance of being a part of a company with a purpose and a heart for giving back. She explained the many ways Cox Enterprises is celebrating women. From supporting local organizations, to highlighting women of all levels in the company, Cox Enterprises values the community and the women who help make it amazing.

Dana Barrett & Jami Buck-Vance


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Where To Buy Breast Cancer Products?

When you are looking to buy breast cancer products, find out the best options at a great price with I Will Survive, Inc. When someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, they need a lot of support. There are many ways to help the patient with breast cancer and to show sympathy towards them. Using support items related to breast cancer is one of the ways to show support to breast cancer patients. But be sure to check the items you are purchasing, you don’t want to add more chemicals into their lives. There are many support items that we can use to celebrate being cancer free and to show support to loves ones currently battling in various stages of breast cancer. When you purchase support items from us, you help provide more care packages free of charge to low-income patients in need.

There are many non-profit charity organizations that provide support services to people who are suffering from breast cancer. IWS is one of the top-rated non-profit charity organizations that provide prevention education, economic support as well as health and wellness services to the people. The organization has an online store where you can purchase items that can be essential in showing support to breast cancer patients. The online store includes many items that are important for use. The Total Massage Gun in hot pink or light pink, is used for pain relief and workout recovery. It uses percussion therapy which helps in fast muscle recovery.

Some other items in the store are:

  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Massage gun
  • Journal, notebook
  • Stress ball
  • If you want a custom care package delivered to someone you love, reach out to us.

You can visit the online store to get these items today!

Should I Partake In Exercise During and After Cancer?

If you are trying to decide  if your should exercise during and after cancer, then you have found the right article.Most of the time we hear that doctors recommend the patient to rest when the patient is suffering from any disease. But exercise offers many benefits for cancer patients – during and after treatments. Exercise helps in lowering your stress levels, improving your sleep pattern, and boosting your mood.

Many people question that is it good to exercise during cancer treatment? The answer is yes, you can do exercise with the recommendation of your doctor. Stretching is the best or walking to increase oxygen and movement in the blood. Even trying water aerobics or swimming after all open wounds are healed can do the body good.

During cancer treatment, you should be physically active as it will help in the recovery process. During treatments, your medical care team should decide the level of exercise you can do, based on your stage of cancer, type of cancer, and treatment that is going on, in addition to your ability, strength, and fitness level to do the exercise. People who do exercise before the start of the treatment need less exercise during the treatment because the main aim is to keep the person active. Some people start their own exercise program but it is recommended that you consult a specialist who will help you with his or her expertise.

After cancer treatment, some side effects of the treatment go away within a few weeks but some side effects can last much longer. Studies have been done to check the impact of physical activity with cancer recurrence and survival rates. Results indicated that physical activity proved to be very essential in muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, body composition, and psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc.

Results from 20 studies taking people with breast cancer, colorectal, prostate, and ovarian cancer have indicated that the people who stay active are at lower risk of cancer recurrence as compared to people who are not active.

It is recommended that people should limit their calorie usage if they are overweight or obese after treatment ends.

Should I reschedule my mammogram if I recently received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Are you asking should you reschedule my mammogram if your received the Covid19 vaccine?  Find out if you should keep your appointment or schedule for another time. A mammogram is an X-ray image of the breast and doctors use it to look for early signs of breast cancer. It is recommended that you should go for a regular mammogram test so your doctor can find breast cancer early.

Doctors are concerned about the problem that people face when they go for mammograms soon after vaccination. They become anxious when they feel swollen lymph nodes.

The reason behind swollen lymph nodes is that the vaccine used for the prevention of COVID-19 causes the lymph nodes to swell under the arm in which the shot was given. The lymph nodes are the part of an individual body’s germ-fighting immune system. The swollen lymph nodes are the sign that the body of the individual is responding to the vaccine and building up defenses against the virus that causes coronavirus disease.

There is also symptom like swelling in the armpit because of the spread of the cancer cells to the lymph nodes. That’s why sometimes vaccination is mistaken as a sign of breast cancer.

To deal with this problem, many doctors have recommended that the individual who received the vaccine should wait for at least six weeks before having a mammogram test because the swollen lymph nodes caused by the vaccine go away in this time period.

Some other doctors have recommended that mammograms test should continue as per schedule but you should tell your doctor if you have recently received the vaccine.

What do you do if you find an enlarged lymph node? The doctor should ask the patient to go for a targeted ultrasound to find to nature of those lymph nodes.

Experts have suggested that people should schedule their mammogram test four to six weeks after they get the second dose of the vaccine or before they receive any dose of the vaccine. It is also recommended that you shouldn’t delay your mammogram just because of the vaccine. In a survey, it was found that many women skipped their annual mammogram last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dealing With Tooth Decay After Chemotherapy?

We know that there are different types of bacteria in our mouths. Some bacteria are helpful for the body and others are harmful. When a person goes under chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the therapy causes changes in the lining of the mouth and salivary glands. A healthy balance of bacteria would be disturbed by changes in the lining of the mouth and salivary glands, as it produces saliva. This upset will result in infections, mouth sores, and tooth decay.

When a person goes for cancer treatment, she should be encouraged to reduce their bacterial load and use a preventive measure to make the consequences of treatment less severe.

The dental surgeon should take responsibility for their patient and plan specific goals before, during, and after treatment of the patient. The goal of both doctor and patient before cancer treatment is to treat existing problems of teeth and prepare the patient for chemotherapy. During cancer treatment, the doctor should aim to prevent the oral complication the patient face and manage those problems effectively. A goal after treatment of cancer should be keeping the teeth and gums healthy and try to manage the side effects of cancer and its treatment.

During cancer treatment, if the problems are not resolved at the early stage it causes infection and the disease gets worse. In cancer, when white blood cells are low in number or the immune system is not responding, bacteria present in the mouth will cause infection.

Chemotherapy affects the enamel on the teeth and enhances the risk of long-term dental problems. It depends on the treatment the person received, high doses in the head and neck may affect teeth development and can cause gum disease with low saliva production, resulting in dry mouth.

If a person has received chemotherapy recently or in the previous six months, he or she will be treated in primary care but his or her dentist should be in contact with the patient’s oncology or hematology team. There will be close monitoring in treatment and after the blood tests, there should be a decision about keeping the person in primary care or referring to the special care unit.

Cancer patients are treated the same way as doctors treat non-cancer patients but in treating cancer patients, there should be extreme vigilance about follow-up and monitoring for deterioration. The organization has helped over 25 women with dental issues post chemotherapy, thanks to Delta Dental, Mercy Care, and a few other private dental practices. Dental treatments can be very expensive, when you donate to our programs, we are able to help more families impacted with breast cancer, during and after cancer.

Some tips to help:

  1. Use a coconut oil rinse to help with pain (put one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth, swish around for 15 minutes, spit it out. Rinse with water and brush your teeth).
  2. Become a dental partner to help in our community (provide discounted dental services to clients in need).